Accepting Bancontact, Ideal & Visa with WooCommerce

I live a glorious little land called Belgium. We got a lot of beer, chocolate, and of course French Fries to go with our Mussels. Besides all the food and drinks we also have our own payment system called Bancontact. Our neighbours for the Netherlands have iDeal. So it would be smart when you’re thinking of starting a webshop to be able to offer these payment options.

One to rule ’em all

To get ’em all at once we can use one payment provider They are a company from the Netherlands who offer a whole range of online payment gateways. iDeal, Bancontact and Visa are just the golden three they have to offer. You can also link Paypal. And for those who want to stay anonymous they also offer Bitcoin.

Mollie for WooCommerce

To makes things even sweeter Mollie provides their own WooCommerce plugin to offer all these payment options via their platform.

Although it’s not to be found in the WordPress Plugin Directory you can download it from their GitHub page.

Update: Since their new website redesign they also launched an official plugin inside the WordPress Plugin Directory. You can install it through your WordPress installation or visit the plugin page here.